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GDU o2 vs. DJI Mavic Air




GDU o2

Slow motion

By changing the settings to 120 fps, slow motion videos can be created using the Mavic Air. When We Talk UAV tested the built-in slow motion feature on the GDU o2, the 6fps setting seemed choppy.


Mavic Air weighed in at 430 grams. The DJI drone is lighter than the GDU drone, which weighed nearly double at about 726 grams.

Obstacle avoidance

Both drones have obstacle avoidance, but DJI implemented a new APAS system in their latest drone. Mavic Air’s obstacle avoidance is better than GDU o2’s obstacle avoidance because it is made to maneuver around obstacles in real time.

Intelligent flight modes

Both drones have similar intelligent flight modes, but the Mavic Air stepped it up with the addition of Asteroid and Boomerang.

GDU o2 vs. Mavic Air results

GDU o2

The comparison between the Mavic Air and the o2 drone was hands down lopsided. In ever category besides price, Mavic Air proved to better. GDU still has potential in creating a truly competitive drone, but as of right now, the Mavic Air is the best consumer drone for its price range.

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