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GDU o2 vs. DJI Mavic Air




GDU o2

In September 2017, GDU announced their o2 drone, which earned the nickname “Mavic Killer.” With a unique slide-arm design and a $732 price tag, the o2 drone was marketed to go up against the $999 DJI Mavic Pro. GDU’s 4K drone was something worth looking into, right up until DJI released the Mavic Air in January 2018. Instead of comparing the original Mavic with the GDU o2, We Talk UAV made a comparison video with the newer Mavic Air since it is priced in the same ball park as GDU’s drone. Here is the comparison video:


GDU o2

GDU o2 is priced at $732, whereas Mavic Air is priced at $799.

Flight time

GDU o2

Mavic Air is rated with a flight time up to 21 minutes, while GDU o2 is rated to fly up to 20 minutes. Realistically, both drones flew less than their maximum flight times, but the Mavic Air’s battery proved to be more efficient.


GDU o2

Even when GDU o2 was folded, Mavic Air is still smaller.

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