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GDU o2 unboxing




GDU o2 unboxing

At first impression, the GDU o2 package is designed similar to a Mavic package. Upon opening the box, the drone and a battery is placed on top of everything else. The controller can be found underneath the drone, and there is a sticker attached with both English and Chinese instructions. The GDU o2 is also packaged with cables, a charger, extra propellers and a soft carrying case.

GDU o2 unboxing

GDU o2 unboxing

Besides the portable design and stacked features, this 4K drone is priced to give the original Mavic a run for its money. It’ll take a review and an in-depth comparison with similar quadcopters to see if this drone is truly worth getting. The next We Talk UAV video will be a review, so stay tuned to see if the GDU o2 lives up to the hype.

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