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GDU o2 unboxing




After pre-ordering the GDU o2 back in October 2017, We Talk UAV finally received the drone that is also known as “the Mavic killer.” The foldable quadcopter is built with a 3-axis gimbal, and it comes with a 13MP UHD 4K camera. At a $732 price point, the drone is also competitively priced. Packed with user-friendly features and a travel-ready design, We Talk UAV had to do a review on it. Before the actual review, here is We Talk UAV’s GDU o2 unboxing video:

Unique features

GDU said that the o2 model is the first drone that can shoot videos in time lapse and in slow motion without any additional editing. Equipped with a feature that allows the controller to directly attach underneath the drone and a unique slide-arm design, the quadcopter and controller can also combine into a portable, brick-like shape.

GDU o2 unboxing


This GDU 02 will be given away once the video has reached 1,000 likes! So make sure to watch and like the unboxing video. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to We Talk UAV’s YouTube channel to stay updated with instructions on how to win this drone.

GDU o2 unboxing

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