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crash test

GDU o2 crash test!




GDU o2

Heavier weight

GDU o2

When a Fatshark Attitude V4 headset was strapped onto the the drone, it struggled while it was hovering. The motors seemed to be working harder, but it showed it can carry at least 193 grams. This test proved that the GDU o2 can carry a light payload.


GDU o2

The GDU o2 was first splashed with a small amount of water, then four heavier splashes followed. When the heavier splashes hit the GDU o2, the drone moved a bit, but it stabilized shortly after. After the water test was done, the RC had trouble connecting to the drone. Even though the GDU o2 still flew after being soaked, water affected the drone’s connection, which ended the crash test early.

GDU o2 crash test conclusion

GDU o2

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This drone was going to be given away after the reviews were done, but due to the water damage, it may just end up being blown up with some firecrackers in another video. This drone may not be suitable for people who live in areas prone to rain, but then again, most quadctopers aren’t built to fly in those conditions. There are some waterproof solutions for other drones, but it’s still a gamble to fly when water is mixed with electronics. The GDU o2 has some promising features and a great overall slide design, but the crash test ended before its durability was fully tested. If viewers want to see this quadcopter explode and featured in another video, make sure to thumbs up the video.

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