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crash test

GDU o2 crash test!




GDU o2

The GDU o2 was recently reviewed and compared to the DJI Mavic Air, so to see just how durable the “Mavic Killer” is, here is a crash test video made by We Talk UAV:

Balloons and Airsoft BBs

GDU o2

Just like how the crash test for the DJI Mavic Air started, balloons and an Airsoft gun were first used against the GDU o2. In both tests, the foldable quadcopter survived and stayed hovering, proving it safe against the most vicious child neighbor.

Keys – lightweight test

GDU o2

A bag strap with keys hung onto the GDU o2, and it crashed since the strap tangled with the propellers. The drone survived the small crash, and a second test with a thinner camera strap showed the GDU o2 can carry keys with no problem.

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