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NEW GDU 02 Plus Drone Is Taking On The DJI Mavic




GDU Technology, a Chinese based drone company, unveiled their new drone at the International Drone Conference and Exposition in Vegas, Nevada. This new quadcopter is 4K capable, foldable, and compact with never before seen features. Sporting one of the world’s smallest 3-axis stabilized camera gimbals, the GDU 02 Plus is a direct competition to the newly revamped DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

GDU 02 Plus

Update: We Talk UAV unboxed and reviewed this drone.

New Unseen Features on the GDU 02 Plus

The GDU 02 (Plus) is the first drone that can shoot videos in time lapse and in slow motion with no additional editing. It is also the first drone whose arms and propellers slide out from the main body. The arms are fortified with aviation aluminum alloy to ensure light-weight durability. The separate remote controller can be latched under the drone for additional portability. The drone and the controller all fold together into a package which looks similar to a brick.

GDU 02 Plus

GDU 02 Plus Specs

The GDU 02 Plus only weighs 1.56 pounds with the 20 minute capable battery. It can fly as fast as 33.6 mph and vertically climb up to 11.2 mph. Equipped with GPS, GLONASS, and obstacle avoidance, the GDU 02 Plus is packed with similar safety features as a DJI Mavic. The GDU 02 Plus can connect up to 20 GPS satellites to ensure a precise flight. The 1/3 inch CMOS 13 MP camera can shoot 4K videos at a resolution of 3840×2160 in 25 and 30 fps. The onboard Qualcomm 801 snapdragon processor allows quality images, fast GPS connections, and flight distances up to 4 miles. The foldable remote controller can be linked to a mobile device, but a cell phone can solely be used as a virtual controller to operate the drone via GDU app. Images and moments can also be instantly shared on social media through the app.

GDU 02 Plus

GDU 02 versus GDU 02 Plus

There are two versions of the GDU 02. The GDU 02 can only travel 0.6 miles with a 5.8 GHZ controller, but the GDU 02 Plus version can go as far as 4 miles with a 2.4 GHZ controller. The built-in memory is only 16 GB on the GDU 02, but the storage capacity is doubled at 32 GB on the GDU 02 Plus.

GDU 02


Only the GDU 02 can be pre-ordered right now, but customers can be notified when the GDU 02 Plus is available through GDU’s official website. If customers pre-order the $732 GDU 02 package before September 30, they will receive an additional backpack and battery worth $300. The GDU 02 pre-orders will ship as early as October 18.


The GDU 02 Plus looks a little like the DJI Mavic or the modded DJI Phavic, but it’s an entirely different drone. Besides similar safety features and flight modes, the GDU 02 has a new sliding arm design, a remote controller which can latch onto the drone itself for added portability, and the ability to directly shoot slow motion and time lapses without editing. These are attractive features, but DJI recently released an upgraded DJI Mavic Pro Platinum with a 30 minute flight time. The Mavic Platinum also comes with new ESC boards to significantly reduce the drone buzzing noise notorious with nearly every other drone. It may take a little more to top the DJI Mavic, but the GDU 02 Plus might just earn a spot on We Talk UAV’s best drone list if it can live up to its claims.


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