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Free PolarPro app calculates ND filters and more!




Finding out which ND filter to put on can be tricky, especially for new drone pilots. That is why PolarPro created a free app that calculates which filter you need, and it works with any brand. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices, but the IOS version includes weather forecasts, wind conditions, a KP-index, and a golden hour calculator. Even if you are a seasoned drone photographer, the PolarPro app is still something to check out because it is free! Setting it up can be complicated for first-time users, so make sure to check out Youtuber Billy Kyle’s walkthrough:

PolarPro app Features

The app is different for Apple and Android users, but they both still calculate which ND filter you need. Besides the filter guide, the IOS app tells you when the golden hour starts, and it calculates how much time you have before it finishes. For those that don’t know what the golden hour is, it is the best time of day to shoot with your drone, which is basically sunrise and sunset. The app also includes the wind condition; it tells you just how fast the wind is travelling and where it is headed. The weather forecast is just like any standard weather app, but it is accessible within the PolarPro app. The KP-index is used for gauging geomagnetic storm activity; if it’s a high risk, don’t fly since your drone’s GPS may experience connection issues. The Android app version is simplified to only include the filter guide.

PolarPro app

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