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Drone Articles Review Of The Walkera Runner 250 – New Cool Product

Derrick Threatt



[By Bo of] Maybe the fastest growing RC sport right now is FPV RACING … common we all wanna race. The bread-n-butter of racing have become virtually indestructible 250 size FPV quads. Simple, powerful, and equipped with an FPV camera & transmitter.

Now Walkera has gotten onboard with their first 250 size racer. fully specked with OSD and the works.  This could be big because until now racers have been made by niche companies.  Click through and see how this stacks up.

Doing the mini-quad FPV racer limbo…  How cheap can you go?

Walkera decided to offer an entry lever racer option with a $150 DYI kit, containing EVERYTHING required to build a budget racer.  That’s what most some of us pay for the ESC’s & motors for a racer.

$150 is the cheapest RUNNER 250 kit.  That is a price that’s going to make the hair stand up on the back of some niche quad makers.  With this price point, Walkera could very easy become a name in mini-quad racing.  For comparison, the famous BlackOut mini-H quad cost $150 for just the frame, without motors or anything else.. a DJI kit with motors and ESC’s cost about $450.  by that Walkera charging $150 for the same amount of completion.. is downright cheap.

Let’s be clear,  the budget Walkera racer do not contain SunnySky or T-motors.  It’s not flying a NAZA32.. and it’s not designed by a rock-star racing pilot… I’m sure there are better faster and more powerful mini-quads out there. It’s not like you get ripped off buying a BlackOut Mini-H, its just that Walkeras RUNNER is so much cheaper as an entry quad for folks wanting to get into racing, the Walkera RUNNER 250 is definitely resetting the “RTF FPV racing quad” entry point for a lot of people.


The OSD is useless. the manual clear say that the OSD will show distance home, altitude, speed and direction home…. Turns out that after making the manual, Walkera have discharged the GPS for the OSD, and the OSD now ONLY show battery voltage, flight time, and system voltage (who cares?). Here is the bottom line, get the BASIC-2 save the money and get a Lipo Alarm for $3 and stick it under the belly of the RUNNER. (buy some extra props instead)


The in-depth unbox and review of one of the very first pre-production units.   This has all the markings of a VERY cool product.

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