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Epic FPV Drone Roller Coaster Footage!




FPV drone flights are full of fast-paced, immersive views, and nothing compares to a quadcopter chasing after a packed roller coaster. YouTuber Red-FPV uploaded a video showing a drone zig-zagging through a roller coaster track while filming passengers. FPV quadcopters may be small, but the ones used in the video were fast enough to pass the roller coaster. The passengers all wore helmets, so there was some level of safety precaution. Here’s the fully edited FPV drone roller coaster video with some slow-motion shots:

Drone Roller Coaster

The drone itself did flips while tracking the roller coaster. As if the pilot’s skills weren’t enough to capture epic shots, a passenger in the back of the roller coaster held an ignited flare to add some sight to the video. The drone’s footage showed another FPV quadcopter, so two drones were actually flying at the same time.The FPV quadcopter used in the video was a customized DIY drone, which flew about 55-75 mph, said Red-FPV.

drone roller coaster

Where Was This?

The video was shot at a theme park called Nigloland in Dolancourt, France.

drone rollercoaster


Red-FPV is a sponsored drone pilot out of France, and more drone-related pictures can be found on his Instagram. He also has several other FPV videos on his AirVūz page.

drone roller-coaster

Can This Be Done in the US?

In the United States, theme parks like Disneyland and Six Flags prohibited the use of unauthorized UAVs, but Disneyland parks in California and Florida are legally allowed to use drones for “entertainment purposes,” according to Popular Mechanics. If US pilots are looking to fly within a theme park, then they would need the park’s permission before shooting drone roller coaster videos like the one Red-FPV shot.

drone roller coaster

More FPV

FPV quadcopters may have less flight time than consumer quadcopters, but they make up for it by capturing up-close shots. Go Pro has even awarded a pilot who customized an FPV drone that used their camera, and there was another notable FPV quadcopter that landed on a moving train and flew again. FPV quadcopters are a breed of their own, and the videos they capture simply speak for themselves.


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