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Foxtech GAIA 160 Hybrid: The Hexacopter That Can Fly For 6 Hours!




GAIA 160

Foxtech’s GAIA 160 Hybrid is a next-generation UAV which can fly up to 6 hours and lift payloads up to 17.6 lbs. The secret behind this hexacopter’s long flight time is a mixture of lipo batteries and a built-in 2000w generator which sustains the batteries. This is called a hybrid drone because the generator is fueled by gasoline for cars! With a wheelbase that measures about 62 inches and a standing height of 2.62 feet, this multicopter is more like a mini helicopter. Foxtech is making a name for themselves with this new hybrid drone.

The GAIA 160 was first released as an agriculture drone, but the flight time and high payload capacity soon gave the hexacopter a new purpose and model. The hybrid drone can carry a professional RED camera and fly over 1 hour with no problem! If needed, you can also mount a parachute onto this hexacopter.

GAIA 160

Just recently, Foxtech planned to fly the GAIA 160 95.6 miles from one bay to another, but the DJI ground station limited the flight, and it returned to home. The UAV only flew 12.42 miles, but Foxtech plans on giving it another go when the weather clears up.

GAIA 160 flyattempt

GAIA 160 Hybrid’s Flight Route

What’s The Purpose Of The GAIA 160 Hybrid?

Long range mapping, inspections, logistics, photography, and videography are only some of this drone’s capabilities. With the ability to carry a heavy payload for an unprecedented time, you can use this drone for multiple applications.

GAIA 160 Variant

GAIA 160 Variant

Where Can You Buy This Hexacopter?

The GAIA 160 Hybrid can be purchased off Foxtech’s official website. A basic heavy lift drone frame will cost $2,380, but other parts are still required to make it fly. You can also purchase different setups to reduce the cost of purchasing components separately.

GAIA 160 Basic Frame

Basic Frame


This all-purpose drone is also rain resistant. A DJI Lightbridge 2 controller with a DJI A3 Pro was used on the GAIA 160 which attempted the sea crossing flight. It comes with 28-30 inch carbon fiber propellers; that’s about the size of 4 DJI Sparks for each propeller! With some weight reduction, the GAIA 160 Hybrid is able to fly as long as 8 hours at speeds up to 34 mph.

This full carbon fiber framed hexacopter can be equipped with exchangeable parts and accessories for different flight times and payloads.

2000w Generator GAIA 160

2000w Generator

GAIA 160 Hybrid Fuel Tank

Foxtech FPV is an online drone store based in China. They specialize in creating and selling customized drones for specific tasks. Their GAIA 160 drone is one of many drones capable of long distance flights, but it stands out with its high payload carrying capability. Hybrid drones may be seen more often in the future. For now, the GAIA 160 Hybrid is definitely in a league of its own.



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