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Why Ford’s Drone Concepts Are Complete Nonsense




Ford's Drone concept

Recently Ford’s employees showed their vision of the future drones to the world. They were asked to think about how the city of tomorrow could be changed by drones and robots. So here are some of Ford’s drone concepts that they came up with.

Dog Nanny

dog nanny robot

Ford’s Robot Concept: Dog Nanny

Basically, this is the robot that looks like a vacuum cleaner. It can take your lovely dog for a walk, which is a fantastic solution for office workers in the city, who spend most of their time at work.

But why we think this is nonsense? – There are countless reasons why:

1. Dogs can recognize their owner, but not the cold machine.
2. Looking at the size and construction of the dog nanny you can be 99% sure that dog will flip this thing just in one pull.
3. And how about obstacles, uneven surfaces, and stairs? Looks like it’s might be a little difficult for a vacuum cleaner dog nanny.
4. The cost of this robot might become a big concern as well. But maybe it’s too early to talk about cost at all, because most likely this product will not go live.

Guide Dog Drone

OK, the idea is clear. The drone is flying in front of the blind person, scanning the ground surface and sending him audio signals, notifying him about a possible collision. But let me explain why this Ford’s drone concept is ridiculous:

Ford drone concept

Ford’s Drone Concept: Guide Dog Drone

  1. For a regular healthy person, the main information source is the vision, but for a blind person, the main source of information is sound. Now how would a blind person like a drone buzzing abound him and blocking other sounds with the noise of propellers?
  2. Indoors flight might or might not become a problem, depending on a size of that drone.
  3. A blind person will have to change batteries every 20-30 minutes.
  4. Why not just hang a Realsense or another type of obstacle recognition system on the person’s waist, or attach it to the glasses? It would be cheaper, safer, more convenient and efficient.

Umbrella Drone

Here are few reasons why this Ford’s drone concept is absolutely ridiculous:

Ford's Drone Concept: Umbrella

Ford’s Drone Concept: Umbrella Drone

  1. Cost! Cost! Cost! There is not much to explain here. Umbrella costs few bucks and drones usually go over $1000.
  2. The wind will blow this thing away easily. Umbrella will be catching the wind like a sail
  3. Safety is a huge concern. After the drone got blown away, where will it fall?
  4. Battery life would be enough only for a short rain. Usual
  5. No need to “reinvent the wheel”. The umbrella hats are 100 times cheaper and work just as good.
    Umbrella Hat

SOS Drone 

Ford‘s drone

Ford’s Drone Concept: SOS Drone

This is a great idea!

It is definitely not as ridiculous as few previous ones, and it can be really helpful in certain situations. But this is not something new, companies started doing this few years ago.

Even thought it’s a good idea, it is not new, unoriginal and doesn’t’ belong to Ford. They might forget that search and rescue drones have been in use for years now and this is not something from the future.

We have seen some drone gimmicks before, we see them now and probably will see them in future!

Thank you for reading!


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