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Ford workers fly drones to safely inspect engine plants!




Equipped with an interchangeable camera system, the drone can take videos or photos with a wide, zoom or thermal imaging camera.

“We’d joked about having a robot do the work when there was a lightbulb moment – use drones instead,” said Manning “We used to have to scale heights of up to 50 metres (165 feet) to do the necessary checks on the roof and machining areas. Now we can cover the entire plant in one day and without the risk of team members having to work at dangerous heights.”

What drone did Ford use in the video?

Based on Ford’s video, the company used a Yuneec H520, a commercial-grade drone that ranges in price from $1999.99 for the base model to $4,699.99 for the bundle version. Besides reducing chances of employee injuries, the time saved for each inspection makes the drone a worthwhile investment.


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