There are a lot of season hobbies like skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. Fortunately for you and me, RC drones is a 365/24/7 hobby and we can fly anytime… unless it’s raining, of course. Now when it’s winter, there are few things we would like to suggest you about flying drone in low temperatures.drone in low temperatures

1.Fully charge your battery every flight

It is important because full-charged batteries have higher voltage in every cell. That is why even if the voltage drops on a full throttle, it will not drop it to the critical level. Do not take off if the battery has less than 90% of a charge.

2. Expect sudden voltage drops

Especially if you fly racing drones or any other kind of drones that is not using intelligent batteries. Regular Li-Po batteries tend to drop voltage in the cold weather. Don’t try to push your drone to the limits, the slower you fly the less chance that drone will fall out of the sky.

3. Don’t expect long flight time

Almost any kind of batteries can’t really stand a cold weather. Most of the times you will not be able to get your device working as long as usual outdoors in the cold. Getting 15-20% shorter flight time is normal.

4. Pre-heat your batteries

You can use the battery heaters if you have one of those DJI drones. By the way, new Inspire 2 batteries have self-heating feature for this sort of situations.  If not, you can use the car heater. Another way to pre-heat battery is to start the motors without taking off and let it sit there for couple of minutes. Eventually you won’t regret spending 2-5 minutes more to keep your drone safe.

5. Don’t store batteries in the cold

It might be a bad idea to keep the drone and batteries in the cold places like garage. After throwing them in the garage for couple of weeks you might find out that the voltage difference between the cells is too big, or if you are using intelligent batteries they might just not be able to charge.

This simple suggestions will help you keep flying drone in low temperatures. If you want to add another idea about the winter drone maintenance, please let us know down in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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