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Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor’s Mjolnir




drone hammer

The movie Thor: Ragnarok has inspired YouTubers Friggin Boom Toys and Sufficiently Advanced to recreate Thor’s flying hammer with help from a drone. The two Youtubers approached the idea with different designs, but Thor’s hammer, which is called Mjolnir, was still recreated as a drone hammer. Getting the drone hammer to fly was the easy part, but returning the hammer back to its original form seemed to be a problem for Sufficiently Advanced.

drone hammer

Friggin Boom Toys is on the left, and Sufficiently Advanced is on the right.

Sufficiently Advanced’s Drone Hammer

By using a micro racing drone, foam, magnets, hot glue and some balsa wood for the frame, the Mjolnir was recreated. Sufficiently Advanced’s design basically made the Mjolnir into a giant propeller guard for the drone. The UAV was concealed in the hammer, but there were still cutouts to minimize weight and allow airflow. Sufficiently Advanced also re-rigged the controller so that he could fly the drone by only using his right hand. His custom wrist brace RC had a throttle button, pitch button and an accelerometer. The real RC was actually hidden in a backpack with a 3-foot wire connected to his wrist brace, which may explain the trouble he had in retrieving the drone hammer after it flew.

“Almost every time the hammer “lands”, the handle will probably break off. But that’s what glue’s for! After a solid day of filming I managed the successfully “throw” and catch Mjolnir about twice, but both times the shock of catching the hammer ended up breaking it,” explained Sufficiently Advanced in a Hackster tutorial.

drone hammer

Friggin Boom Toy’s Drone Hammer

The other Mjolnir design consisted of a drone that “costs like 30 bucks” and some homemade materials, according to Friggin Boom Toys. His initial design failed because it was too heavy, so he resulted in creating the Mjolnir out of a tissue box and a cardboard tube found in most rolls of tissues. After strapping a drone directly on top of his Mjolnir, the drone hammer successfully flew.

The Mjolnir designed by Friggin Boom Toys was uploaded on Youtube 11 days before Sufficiently Advanced’s video went live. Even though Sufficiently Advanced’s drone hammer hid the use of a drone, Friggin Boom Toys’ drone hammer showed that it could successfully fly back to its owner.

drone hammer

These drone hammer designs can be improved, but they were created fast because of the release of Thor: Ragnarok. If anyone has plans to customize a drone into Thor’s Mjolnir, just make sure that it is safely designed with propeller guards.


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