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Flying DJI Drone Through The Tesla Model X!




Here we got two of the most technologically advanced products of the year. Both are leaders in their own industry: Tesla in making electric cars and DJI in manufacturing drones.

The videographers are some brave pilots shooting this video. Here’s why:

Crashing $1200 drone is not the best experience to have. Even worse is risking crashing a drone against the brand new shiny Tesla Model X. To be clear, the Tesla Model X Price starts from $74,000. 

Here’s what could happen and why:

Upon first viewing, the videographers were flying underground and the LED lights were shining yellow which suggests that the Phantom had no GPS signal. If Phantom 4 had no VPS just imagine what would happen with the sonar on models like the GoPro Karma and Yuneec Typhoon H. It would be very difficult to fly either model through such a tight space. The drone would drift all over the place. Also entering the car cabin it would be even more difficult to control because the airflow created by the props would create such instability in a small space like the backseat of Tesla Model X.

The conclusion is simple: The skill of a pilot was as good as an indoors navigation system of Phantom 4 so he nailed this trick.

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