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YouTube twins create the world’s first bathtub drone




bathtub drone

Flying bathtub

After their first manned drone failed due to the weather affecting the batteries and the overall low center gravity design, the twins figured a bathtub would be a viable solution. The bathtub was modified to fit a welded frame and wooden propellers were used. A German aerospace company called Exabotix provided a flight controller and helped with programming the drone; they also allowed the twins to test their invention inside a company owned basketball gym in the city of Niedersachsen. A test run with 154 pounds of tiles was conducted to see if it was safe. Once the drone proved to be capable of flying stable with weight equivalent to a grown man, one of the twins geared up and sat inside the flying bathtub. The DIY invention was controlled by a separate pilot, and it flew about 5 feet high.

bathtub drone

Snapshot of The Real Life Guy’s YouTube video.

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