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You Could Fly a Porsche Taxi in the Future According to Volkswagen Chief




porsche taxi

The Drive speculates that the technology von Platen is referencing could be a drone, meaning that Porsche would be joining a growing list of companies exploring the flying car/unmanned aerial vehicle industry.

And it wouldn’t be the only German maker to explore that segment either.

Backed by Daimler, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, German-based Volocopter, Lilium Jet and eVolo, join the United States companies Terrafugia and California-based Joby Aviation. Other companies exploring flying taxis and automated technologies with regard to driving include China-based Ehang, Europe’s Airbus, and US-based Boeing and ride-hailing app Uber.

The Airbus Flying taxi, Vahana | Airbus

The growth in companies participating in the drone segment mirrors the growth of the industry as a whole. Driving innovation in large part, this increased competition also broadcasts to the wider investment community that opportunities are to be had in the unmanned aerial vehicle segment.

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