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Fly Mavic Air Waypoint mode with Litchi!




Mavic Air Waypoint

The following Mission Settings are a preference:

After setting the Heading Mode to “User Controlled”, Finish Action to “Back to First Waypoint” and Path Mode to “Curved Turns,” set a preferred cruising speed. Make sure to also set Default Gimbal Pitch Mode to “Disabled” and Rotations Direction to “Manual.” Once those settings have been dialed in, hit close.

Tap on a desired starting point. Tip: long press the waypoint to relocate the waypoint.

Set as many waypoints needed. Tip: if you need to delete a waypoint, tap on it and hit the top left button with a red marker. You can also add another waypoint by tapping on the button with a green icon.

Once the altitude, speed, and waypoints have been set, you can save the mission by tapping on the floppy drive icon on the left side, or you can just click the play button to start the mission.   Mavic Air Waypoint

This Mavic Air Waypoint mode tutorial is made for any DJI drone supported by Litchi, but the Mission Settings can be adjusted for other types of Waypoint Missions.

Why even use Litchi?

Litchi’s Waypoint mode can be used on other drones like a Phantom 4 Pro, and even if the controller loses signal, Litchi forces the drone to finish the mission. Instead of DJI Go 4’s approach of flying to each individual spot to set a waypoint, Litchi is designed to allow users to preset different waypoints via app or computer, even before the drone has taken flight. The altitude and speed at each waypoint can also be adjusted, as well as camera focus points. Besides flying autonomously using Waypoint mode, Panorama, VR and other similar DJI Go 4 flight modes are supported by Litchi. Some drone pilots prefer the simplicity of DJI Go 4, but Litchi was created as an alternative to the stock operating app.

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