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Fly Mavic Air Waypoint mode with Litchi!




Mavic Air Waypoint

DJI’s most portable 4K drone released with new modes like Boomerang, Asteroid and SmartCapture, but users quickly found Waypoint mode was missing on the Mavic Air. Waypoint mode is normally used for setting up missions or creating smoother shots. Even though Waypoint mode comes stock on most DJI quadcopters, the Mavic Air and the Spark lack it. Since DJI removed Waypoint mode on the Mavic Air, a third-party app called Litchi can be used as a replacement. The app must be purchased on an Android or iOS device, and even though it’s similar to the DJI Go 4 app, there are some key differences. For those who are visual learners, here is a Mavic Air Waypoint mode tutorial created by Drones and Electric Unicycles:

How to fly Mavic Air Waypoint mode via Litchi

After opening Litchi, configure the camera or video settings. Tip: you can shoot a drone hyperlapse using timed photos in Waypoint mode!

Tap on the top left corner where it says “FPV” and set the mode to “Waypoint.” Then go to the map and find the area you’d like to start a Waypoint mission.

Mavic Air waypoint

Screenshot taken from an Android device.

Tap on the left-sided icon with a blue gear wheel.

Mavic Air Waypoint

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