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Features we HATE about each of our DJI drones




Even though DJI is leading the market in consumer drone sales with their game-changing quadcopters, We Talk UAV created a video highlighting the downsides for all the DJI drones that were tested over the years:


The video settings are locked into auto mode, so users are stuck with 1080p 30 fps videos. For people who need more frame rate diversity, the Spark may not be the best option. Even though the Spark is DJI’s smallest quadcopter, We Talk UAV found that connection can also be problematic. The Spark is designed with a 2-axis gimbal, so users will have to pan to simulate a 3-axis shot.

Mavic Air

DJI drones

DJI’s latest drone from the Mavic series is built to be more compact, but it lacks OcuSync. The flight time on the Mavic Air is rated at 21 minutes, which is more than enough for most everyday flights, but it’s significantly less than the Mavic Pro Platinum’s 30-minute flight time. Understandably size is a factor, but We Talk UAV expected more flight time. The controller on the Mavic Air was also redesigned without a screen; this was seen as a downside because the on-screen display proved to useful for showing distance and speed on the older Mavic controllers.

Mavic Pro Platinum

The gimbal on the updated version is still prone to damage. DJI kept the sensor size the same as the original Mavic Pro’s sensor, so no significant camera upgrade was seen with the more expensive upgrade. Even though the Mavic Pro Platinum can shoot up to 4K, some users still film in 1080p, but We Talk UAV found 1080p 60fps to be useless.

Original Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro with LED propellers.

Besides the upgraded ESCs, propellers, and improved flight time, the Mavic Pro is nearly the same as the Mavic Pro Platinum, so all the same problems described in the upgraded version is the same on the original version. Besides the problems that were already listed, DJI could have added rear obstacle avoidance sensors to make the drone more complete.

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