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Fatshark Attitude V4 review!





Another alternative

The Fatshark Dominator series has slightly better specs than the Fatshark Attitude V4. Alex mentioned the FOV and screen display is better on the Dominator, but the V4 is still usable. The Dominator also has an HDMI input, but when it comes to just flying straight out of the box, the Fatshark Attitude V4 still gets the job done.

How not to void the warranty

The LED screen on the left side of the screen should not be replaced if the owner wishes to keep Fatshark’s warranty. The auto channel scan button can also be accessed on the same side of the LED screen, or channels can manually be scanned by the scroll button placed on the top left side of the goggles.


Fatshark Attitude V4 verdict

The brightness, contrast and IPD range for the pupil distance can easily be adjusted with the goggles on, which is a simple yet convenient feature. At the end of the day, the goggles proved to be good enough for noobs and even experienced pilots. The anniversary edition, which can be purchased from Gearbest, is a legit investment for any starting FPV pilot because it’ll still be useful even when one advances into drone racing.

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