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Fatshark Attitude V4 review!





The anniversary edition of the Fatshark Attitude V4 FPV goggles were unboxed in another video by We Talk UAV, so here is the follow-up review video:

Since FPV goggles are still kind of new to Alex, the most important aspect of the Fatshark goggles is its compatibility with noobs.

Even though the screen felt a little far to the eyes, the colors, connection and overall quality was good. Alex found that the IPD, or interpupillary distance, could be adjusted according to the width of one’s eyes. When another pilot, Chivo, tested the goggles in Acro mode, which is basically a more advanced more, the Fatshark Attitude V4 did not disappoint. Aerial maneuvers and flips can easily be done with the reliable Fatshark goggles.

Battery could be improved!

The stock battery actually performed poorly, so replacing it with a higher-capacity battery is advisable.


There’s a microSD port inside the goggles, which is important for filming what a pilot sees.


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