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Fat Shark 101 review




Fat Shark 101 review

The Fat Shark 101 kit was created for new FPV pilots. It comes packaged with everything required to fly, so its greatest strength is its simplicity. We Talk UAV did an unboxing video, but here is the actual Fat Shark 101 review:

The drone kit was tested by someone who had zero experience with FPV drones. We Talk UAV’s Alex Assenmacher started the review by flying in beginner mode then switched to intermediate mode shortly after. The drone crashed at least three times in the outdoor test; one of the white propellers ended up breaking and the cap for a motor went missing. Fat Shark included spare parts with this kit, so it was easily replaced shortly after the crash.

Fat Shark 101 review

Easy mode can be flown by anyone, but intermediate and pro mode can be challenging for someone with zero experience. The different modes were implemented to allow users to gradually learn how to fly in full manual or pro mode. Another tester even proved that the drone could do flips in pro mode!

Fat Shark 101 review

The switch on top left of the controller is used to change the flight modes, while the right switch is used to start the propellers.

Fat Shark 101 review

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