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Fake DJI Mavic Pro = Legit Toy Drone?




It seems like look alike drones are in high demand because a fake DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter has just been spotted on an online retail website called Banggood, and it is also available on a Chinese eBay like the website called TaoBao. The Visuo XS809HW has a similar design as a DJI Mavic. From the folding arms to the LED light placements, this drone was made to look like the successful DJI Mavic. The box it comes with also looks similar to a DJI Mavic box! Even though the looks are reminiscent of the DJI original drone, the Visuo XS809HW is simply just a toy drone. If you need a practice drone for a Mavic, then this might be the perfect quadcopter for you to play with since it cost only about $50 shipped.

Fake DJI Mavic Pro = Legit Toy Drone?

At 7.48 x 5.51 x 2.36 inches folded, this toy drone is slightly smaller than the DJI Mavic Pro; its arms are shorter, and it weights lighter at only 158 grams! This quadcopter can fly for about 10 minutes, and it will take around 60 minutes to recharge one battery. The Visuo XS809HW comes with one 900 mAh battery, a remote controller, a USB cable, 4 propellers, 4 propeller guards, a screwdriver, and a manual. Its camera is rated at 2 MP, and it can record in 720p. If you take photos or videos, they’ll directly be saved onto your device. The controller looks like an Xbox controller, but it can hold a phone for live view streaming. This drone, like most other toy drones, can even do a flip. It has dedicated photo, video, and return to home buttons on the controller for easy access.

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How Does The Fake DJI Mavic Pro Fly?

This fake DJI Mavic flies better than most toy drones. If you need a steady quadcopter that mimics the movement of a $999 Mavic, then the Visuo XS809HW flies great for something that costs less than $50. Take a look at this unboxing video on YouTube to see if this drone is right for you:

The Visuo XS809HW may not have a smooth gimbal or a high-quality 4K camera, but the low price of this quadcopter makes it a justifiable purchase. If you are second guessing in buying a DJI Mavic because of your lack of drone experience, then this toy drone is your best option to practice on!


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