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FAA requires drone owners to register again!




FAA drone registration history

On December 2015, drone operators had to register their UAV with the FAA. It took two more years before someone challenged the FAA and won a case against them. By July 2017, the FAA started accepting refunds and gave drone owners the option to erase user information from their database.

Where to register

For new pilots or those who opted for a refund, they can register their drone through the FAA’s official site. Be careful of other websites that claim to offer drone registration; those sites aren’t legit.

Previously registered drones may still be valid

For those who previously registered their drone and did not opt for a refund, their registration number is still valid. Drone pilots may also double check their drone status on the FAA’s official site by logging in with their email and password. Once pilots log in, click on “Model Aircraft under Section 336” or “Small Unmanned Aircraft under Part 107.” To verify that their drone is still registered, pilots can find their registration number on the right side of the screen.


The bill did not add another drone rule; it is just a restoration of the FAA’s previous UAV registration requirement.

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