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FAA releases ‘Buzzy the Drone’ ads to educate kids about UAV laws




The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have released a new animated ad campaign for the holiday season.

The 20-second clip was uploaded a week ago and is the first of a series that aims to educate the public about how to fly their drones safely and accordance with the law.

The main message of the clip? “Keep buzzy in view.”

This message is in reference to one FAA regulation that states that drone operators should keep their UAVs ‘in line of sight at all times‘.

The video concludes by encouraging viewers to head to to learn more about their new drone. In promoting the release of the new initiative the FAA stated:

“Too many times, we at the FAA hear sad stories about what happens when inexperienced flyers take their drone out for its first flight.”

Given the animation style and tone of the clip (viewable below), it’s fair to assume that it was targeted at kids. That’s what nearly all of the comments on the YouTube clip have said, anyway.

Ken Herron, an adult, had this to say on YouTube:

“C’mon FAA… We’re not children. This is so very cringe-worthy.”

Our question would be, how many children are flying their drones? Data on the number of child flyers can be difficult to know because they will often fly a drone owned by their parent.

At the time of writing, after one week online, the clip has received a jaw-dropping 1700 views. Perhaps it’s a slow-burner?

The FAA have hinted that the next videos in their series are will tackle topics such as avoiding obstacles and not flying over your neighbour’s property without permission. At very least, this is a good initiative by the FAA to help young people how to fly responsibly from the start.

Kids aren’t the only one who need to know drone regulations! We’ve written several pieces on this topic which you can read here:

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