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Extreme Testing: FreeWell DJI Mavic Air case




Mavic Air case

Even though the Mavic Air was proven to be one of DJI’s toughest drones, a case is always a good idea. FreeWell is known for drone accessories like ND filters, but now they have released a Mavic Air case that is basically on par with a Pelican case but at a lower price. To see just how durable the waterproof case is, We Talk UAV conducted a set of average to extreme tests in this video:


The FreeWell Mavic Air case is IP67 waterproof rated and weighs about 4.4 lbs. The exterior is made with tough XPE material, which provides optimal safety against shocks and bumps. The 330mm x 285mm x 145mm case is built to withstand cold temperatures up to -40 ˚F and high temperatures up to 208.4 ˚F. The inside is lined with foamed-PP material for soft yet durable protection. The cutouts are designed specifically to protect a Mavic Air, six spare batteries, cables, adapters, propellers, an iPad Mini, remote controller and a charging dock. The crushproof, dustproof, waterproof and travel-friendly case is also backed with a lifetime warranty.

Mavic Air case

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