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Expectation vs. Reality: Buying a Drone




Buying a drone doesn’t always go as expected, especially if it’s your first UAV. From setting up your drone to actually flying, UAVs can be more complicated than they are being marketed to be. Just like anything, it takes a lot of dedication and practice to fine tune those pilot and editing skills. If you’re expecting to get professional, cinematic videos straight out of the box, then you’ll be hit with a dose of reality. We Talk UAV is here to show you an expectation vs. reality video, so take notes of these common issues.

$500 Budget

With a $500 drone, you’re expecting that you can now shoot movie-like videos. In reality, $500 in the drone world isn’t that much, but the best drones in that price range are selfie-drones. Anything less than that usually means that it’s a toy drone.

expectation vs. reality

Easy Flight

Flying a drone takes proper setup. If you’re expecting to just set your UAV down and fly away, then you might run into RC controller issues, no fly zone warnings, calibration messages and even forced updates.

expectation vs. reality

Travel Drone

Drones opens more opportunities to capture the moment while you’re travelling. Most people that expect to go all around the world and shoot videos with their UAV sometimes just end up flying local.

expectation vs. reality

Photos and Videos

This one is tied to the $500 budget drone because creating professional videos is more difficult on a budget drone. Going cheap on a drone means you’ll be missing on some professional features like mechanical shutter and gimbal stabilization. Footage on a $10,000 drone versus a budget drone will result in a night and day difference.

expectation vs. reality

Drone Arrival

Flying a drone before going through the tutorials is dangerous. Expecting that you can fly a UAV right out of the box with no problems is a problem. In reality, new pilots crash their newly purchased drones because they don’t go through the manuals, and sometimes they even end up crashing it inside their house.

expectation vs. reality

Flying in Public Places

Flying near people isn’t always the best idea. In reality, people might just piss off a droner.

expectation vs. reality

Social Media

If you’re expecting to create epic drone videos that will get a lot of attention on YouTube, then be prepared to create something truly original. Today, drone shots in videos are seen more frequently than in videos five years ago. In reality, drone footage doesn’t always mean you’ll be getting paid for the millions of views you are expecting to get online.

expectation vs. reality

Expectation vs. Reality

There is more to creating movie-like films with drones than just buying a UAV for $500. The expectation vs. reality for drones is often misunderstood, so be sure to take these tips into consideration before investing in your next drone!


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