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What Can We Expect From The Snap Drone?




Snap drone

Well-known company Snap is said to be working on a drone. As we know, Snap is the company that owns one of the hottest social media apps Snapchat. But recently they a slowly trying to position themselves as a casual camera maker. With the release of Spectacles Goggles, they have introduced arguably the most convenient camera for the first person view live streaming.  And now they are reportedly working on a snap drone.

What Can We Expect From The Snap Drone?

First of all we at We Talk UAV 90% sure it will be somewhat like a selfie drone.  So here are few things we can expect from the future drone:

  1. No gimbal. Not everyone can make a small gimbal like Mavic’s one. Gimbals are not cheap to make and the Snap drone will be targeted for a wide audience so they will make it as small and as cheap as possible. For something casual like Snapchat Digital Image Stabilization should be fine.
  2. No remote controller. Most likely the Snap Drone will be controlled by the smartphone just like Hover Camera. Flight range will be somewhat within 30m (100ft).
  3. 1080p video, 12MP stills. Do you really need more for Snapchat?
  4. It will be yellow
  5. No fancy features such as obstacle avoidance, visual tracking other stuff that Mavic has
  6. Flight time will be around 10-12 minutes
  7. Price should be somewhere within $300 USD

Snap drone is not going to create a big splash in the drone industry. Don’t expect innovations from it. What else will Snapchat show us only time will tell.

Let us know what do you think it will look like?


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