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 What to expect for DJI’s event on July 18




DJI released a teaser for their July 18 event in New York, and speculations of what they could be unveiling have stirred forums like Phantom Pilots. The words “see the bigger picture” are printed across a bird’s-eye image of mountains and clouds that form what appears to be a human eye. To add to the discussion of what might be announced on July 18, We Talk UAV created a video explaining why five products might or might not be released:


July 18

The Phantom 4 was released on March 2016, and ever since then, DJI has periodically dished out an updated version about every six months. The latest model, which is the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0, was released on May 2018. If DJI were to follow the same release pattern, then it would be too early for a new model, even if Phantom 5 rumors have been circulating.

Real candidates!

The DJI Spark was released in 2017, so We Talk UAV believes this is the most ideal release for the July 18 event, especially since the travel-friendly drone has been a huge hit in the consumer drone market.

DJI released a new Mavic Air model from the Mavic series, but We Talk UAV believes a newer Mavic Pro 2 might be released because of recent competition from companies like Autel and Parrot.


The first DJI Goggles were released on April 2017, and then around November 2017, the newer DJI Goggles Racing Edition were announced, but sales have been fairly low compared to other DJI products. Even though newer goggles could be released on July 18, We Talk UAV ruled out an updated headset because of a low demand for DJI Goggles.

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