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Europe’s inaugural 5G drone flight



5G drone flight


With Europe’s inaugural 5G drone flight, T-Mobile is demonstrating with technology partner Huawei that next-generation mobile communication is fast enough to control a drone in real time, and also transmit a high-resolution camera image of the drone.

While drones can already follow a programmed flight route, it has not been possible so far to control drones efficiently using mobile communication–say for unpredictable rescue missions that cannot be preprogrammed. In such cases, a Wi-Fi signal is often used to maintain contact between pilot and drone, notwithstanding the limitations associated with the range and transmitter. The use of 5G opens up an all-new dimension in innovative drone applications, which may even help save lives one day.

5G drone flight

Dr. Thomas Pühringer, IKB Chairman: “For T-Mobile to roll out the 5G mobile network across Austria, it needs regional partners that meet the high standards required by fiber-optic networks. IKB has the necessary infrastructure in place here in Innsbruck and can support mobile video streaming, HD streaming, and many other data-intensive applications. We have a 640-kilometer-long, high-performance optical fiber network that enables us to offer lightning-fast surfing, full-HD TV, and the transportation of high data volumes with zero loss of speed.” 

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