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The Epic Comeback! GoPro Karma’s Second Try




What roller coaster ride for the folks at GoPro. After a three-month recall, the GoPro Karma, a big gamble for the company, is back. Of course, it’s great news, but the Karma’s price hasn’t changed: $799 with no camera and $1099 for the bundle with the Hero 5. Whether or not consumers will accept these prices when there is a strong competitor out there remains in question. 

GoPro Karma at CES 2017

GoPro recalled around 2,500 Karmas because some of the drones were falling out of the sky mid-flight. GoPro attributed this problem to a latch that holds the battery in place. The result was that the battery connection became loose and caused the drones to power down during flight.

In the wake of the Karma recall, GoPro has laid off 15 percent of its workforce. While this isn’t good news for investors, it could be a wake-up call for the company to turn around its business. By relaunching Karma, GoPro has reaffirmed its commitment to becoming more of a drone manufacturer.

GoPro has some very loyal customers. As CEO Nick Woodman recently told the Verge, “We have spent the last 15 years building a global brand, building global distribution, we’re in tens of thousands of stores around the world.” The recall has been seen, in a positive light, as GoPro’s commitment to its customers in making a safe and reliable drone on par with its well-regarded action cameras. In the end, brand power may keep GoPro and its nascent drone business afloat.

Action Camera

Newer Version Of GoPro Karma?

At CES, GoPro said they were working on a new product, which may be a newer version of the Karma. Hopefully, the company will put a good deal of time and resources into research and development, so mishaps like the Karma recall don’t happen again. 

In the meantime, GoPro will continue to sell an updated Karma, with a fixed battery latch, optionally bundled with the Hero 5. Software updates and ease of video and film editing are part of GoPro’s business plan that was profiled at CES.

GoPro karma

The updated version of the Karma is set to go back on sale again with a select few retailers, namely Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Amazon. Shipments will be limited to the US initially with more international shipment later on.

Sure, the Karma stumbled at the starting line. However, the best drone manufacturers always look for ways to improve their products. At least GoPro was able to take its product off the market before any serious injuries occurred. In the end, safer drones are better for all of us. 

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