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Elon Musk’s dire warning about killer drones




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What is Musk’s solution to the threat of AI? Merge with it. 

One of his Musk’s many ventures, Neuralink, develops ultra-high bandwidth brain-machines (potentially brain implants) which interface between humans and computers. Musk agreed with the interviewer when he was asked: “So this is basically an effort for man to merge with machines in a healthy way?”

“If we have billions of people with a high bandwidth link to the AI version of themselves it would actually make everyone hyper smart,” he said.

One of the other big moments to arise for this interview was when Musk told Axios there was a “70 percent ” chance that he’d one day live on Mars.

Musk’s words and actions have been known to cause controversy and get him into trouble. This year he called a British diver who worked on the mission to rescue a group of Thai boys stuck in a cave a “pedo”, which he is now being sued for. In early September, he sparked controversy after puffing a joint while being interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Controversies aside – Musk is one of the foremost technologist and AI experts in the word and we should take his words on this topic seriously. What are your thoughts?

You can see a clip of Musk speaking to Axios below.

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