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Elon Musk’s dire warning about killer drones




On Sunday night, Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla and Space X, gave an extensive interview to Axios on HBO.

The interview covered many topics including Musk’s vision of the future. On that subject, Musk, a long-proponent of humans needing to tread very carefully with artificial intelligence, had a particularly chilling sound-bite about the risk posed by killer drones:

‘You could make a swarm of assassin drones for very little money. By just taking the face I.D. chip that’s used in cell phones, and having a small explosive charge and a standard drone, and just have it do a grid sweep of the building until they find the person they’re looking for, ram into them and explode. You could do that right now… No new technology is needed.’

Musk was one of a litany of big names behind The Future of Life Institute who produced the video, Slaughterbots. The eight-minute, must-see film, viewable here, essentially warns of a future exactly as Musk describes. The message? We should get on top of AI and have proper rules and laws in place to avoid nefarious or deadly uses of AI in future.
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