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Eachine Wizard X220S review




x220s review

With an approximate top speed of 50-60 mph the $229 FPV drone flew well with another pilot: Chivo. The battery stayed cool after the test flight, and the controller is designed to be simple enough for even a beginner to operate. The LED lights on the back of the drone also responds to RC turn signals; if a pilot turns right, the LED lights on the right side of the drone will light up.

x220s review

Wizard X220s review proves just how tough the drone is!

Usually starting FPV racing means picking out components and building the drone yourself, but the Wizard X220s is a ready-to-fly package. Even though it is built with carbon fiber and has accents of purple, this racing drone is not a toy. Throughout the test flights, the drone crashed two to three times, but only a few minor scratches and damage on the propellers were seen. Eachine also includes 10 pairs of propellers, so replacing is as easy as just swapping them out.

x220s review

X220s review conclusion

x220s review

For freestyle beginners, the attached camera is good enough. If the drone needs replacement parts, sites like Banggood offers replacements. A new pilot can easily learn FPV racing using this drone. The Wizard X220s’s durability also means it will still have use in the long run. For a drone that can take a beating and fly with minimal setup, the Eachine Wizard X220s is We Talk UAV’s choice for best beginner FPV drone.

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