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Eachine Wizard X220S review




x220s review

Eachine Wizard X220s is a great drone for new pilots looking to get into FPV racing because it is built to fly straight out of the box. We Talk UAV unboxed the drone in another video, so here is the follow-up Eachine Wizard X220s review:

The controller comes with the package, and the drone can be purchased in either Mode 1 or Mode 2. Mode 1 has the throttle placed on the right, while Mode 2 has the throttle placed on the left. The only required equipment to get an immersive FPV experience is a headset.

x220s review

After attaching the propellers, screws, antennae and battery, just turn on the controller. You can use something like a DJI Goggles RE or a Fat Shark headset to link the Wizard X220s. Alex Assenmacher of We Talk UAV used noob mode, or self-leveling mode, to start his first flight. Self-leveling mode is a beginner friendly mode that allows a pilot to let go of the right stick to allow the drone to stay stabilized, similar to hovering.

Built-in beeper

In case the drone gets lost after a crash, the Wizard X220s has a beeper to help pilots locate the drone with the sound it emits.

x220s review

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