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Dubai’s New Self-Driving Drone Police Vehicles




Dubai recently announced plans to test drone taxis last month, and now they are arranging to have a squad of mini artificially intelligent vehicles to patrol the city by the end of this year. The vehicle that Dubai is going to use is called a 0-R3, and it is made by a two-year-old Singaporean company called OTSAW. The 0-R3 is a fully functional and autonomous vehicle which best serves for security patrolling purposes.

This new vehicle is equipped with biometric detecting software for scanning wanted criminals, and it also has a surveillance system that can see a full 360 degrees. Not only can this security vehicle patrol on the ground, but the 0-R3 will also have a deployable drone which can scan and track for specific targets. Take a look for yourself at this futuristic drone police vehicle:

According to DesignBoom, the police force in Dubai expects to have one hundred 0-R3 working units by 2020, and the cost to lease one unit is $10,000 a month! This means that these drone police vehicles are expensive to operate, so security officers won’t have to worry about losing their jobs. A trained security personnel will also have to overlook the 0-R3 at a fleet control center. These ground and air vehicles will not only help track people, but it’ll help alert local police of imminent dangers.

OTSAW Robotics Security - Room Fleet Control Centre

Dubai drone police real time alerts

Drone Police Features

The O-R3 can scan and search criminals, vehicles, and various objects like possible bombs up to 330 feet away. This drone police vehicle will utilize 3D SLAM technology, or simultaneous localization and mapping technology, to patrol streets. The O-R3 has a wheel base of about four by two feet, and it weighs 275 pounds. Since it can only drive up to 9.3 mph, the hidden drone inside can fly and chase targets. This vehicle is also equipped with a laser scanner, thermal cameras, HD cameras, obstacle avoidance, and a radar detection system called LIDAR. Battery life won’t be a problem since this drone police vehicle is smart enough to charge itself. Even though the drone police vehicle is fully autonomous, the security personnel overlooking the 0-R3 can take full manual control of the vehicle and the drone.

Dubai 0-R3 Drone-Police

Dubai Is The Testing Ground For Futuristic Ideas

Ground Aerial Collaborative System Collaboration - Dubai 0-R3 Drone Police

Drone taxis and automated patrol vehicles with deployable UAVs are going to make Dubai a hotspot for international tourists interested in witnessing the latest technologies in modern society. The revolution of drone technology is now, and it can easily be seen in Dubai!


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