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DroneShield debuts DroneGun Tactical – a lightweight drone-mitigation gun




dronegun tactical

As commercial use of drones grows exponentially, the problems government officials and agencies are having with this popularity is also rising. Drones in protected airspace, or even rogue drones in public spaces, the list of potential threats from one of the world’s fastest growing tech segments is endless.A few skilled entrepreneurs in Australia and America see a market opening and created the DroneGun, an effective (though largely illegal as of press) way to control drones in areas where they shouldn’t be flying.

Not only is the DroneGun portable, but it also has use within a 1-kilometer radius.DroneShield works by disrupting the drone’s video feed, in essence making the pilot blind. How it works is the DroneShield is basically a gigantic antenna and it hits the drone’s antenna with a large blast that overwhelms it. In some commercial drones this is registered as a loss of signal and the drone attempts to land. If it still has a GPS connection, the drone might return to a designated spot – such as the pilot’s location.

dronegun tactical

DroneGun Tactical

The DroneShield is a bulky piece of kit but the company has already iterated on their mainline model with a DroneShield Tactical version, a smaller piece of equipment that is easier to operate.

There is also a GPS peripheral for the Tactical that scrambles its GPS systems, forcing it to land.Unlike its larger counterpart, the Tactical is lightweight and features an all-in-one unit design with an ergonomic body and easy to access controls.

It additional has an expanded frequency range to cover most every major commercial drone on the market. The DroneShield Tactical was developed in close collaboration with European Union member militaries and government officials according to DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik.

One of the best features of the new Tactical is that it requires little to no training to operate, a real boon for security professionals worried about another piece of costly equipment and associated training fees.

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