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Lifeguards use drone to retrieve body of drowned tourist in Australia




We recently wrote about how drones are being employed by Australian lifeguards to assist rescuing struggling swimmers.

In January, a pair of boys were caught in three-meter swells off the coast of a New South Wales beach and were on the verge of going under. In an apparent world first, a drone, controlled by a specially trained lifeguard onshore, dropped a floatation device into the water near the boys – allowing them to stay afloat and saving their lives.

Unfortunately, last week, a drone on an Australia beach was being used for a far more sombre purpose. A 22-year-old tourist who had gone swimming at Fingal Beach, New South Wales, lost his life in the ocean.

Bondi Beach in Sydney is one of the country’s most popular swimming spots. Credit: penreyes CC

Emergency response personnel at the scene were initially unable to pull the man’s body from the ocean due to the rough surf conditions.

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