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How to deal with drone pervs?




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Send in the drone detectives

Due to the rise in drone based crime, some police forces around the world have sought to implement specialist drone detectives. Most drones are used in conjunction with smartphones so investigators can look into GPS data (and if they have the drone itself) photo and video images. Metadata in the video will reveal where shots were taken and information like altitude and location. As police technology improves, the chances of catching people who would use their drones for illegal activities increases.

If someone uses their drone to violate others privacy – there should be harsh penalties to deter others.

Perhaps harsher penalties are needed?

Laws vary wildly from country to country but within the United States, only seven states have rules which specifically outlaw snooping on people’s homes. In 2015, California passed a law banning paparazzi from using drones to spy on celebrities (the line between stalker and paparazzi is often pretty hard to distinguish). There are cases around the country in which people were convicted on voyeurism charges for being a peeping tom with their drone but they are rare. Perhaps if someone is definitively caught spying with a drone, they should receive a hefty punishment?

There is hype and misinformation about this topic but it is a serious issue

One year ago, we brought you an article called Five Reasons Drone Spying Rumours Must Die. To summarize, most drones simply aren’t spying, particularly because most drones have wide-angle lens – they aren’t going to see much unless they hover directly outside your window. Also – sometimes a drone may just be passing by your place. So – if one does appear near your house, it’s not going to see much unless its super close although. That fact doesn’t make the presence of an unwanted drone any less creepy.

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