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Drones Pricing Strategy- Why DJI is so expensive?




DJI Inspire 2

Anyone who pilots quads knows who DJI is and what they mean to this industry. So what about DJI drones pricing strategy? For those quad users, many have spent easily more than $1000 USD on this hobby. As 80% of the audience using RTF drones and DJI drones would advise anyone, they are not cheap. Perhaps the real question should be, are they expensive?

Are DJI Drones Expensive?

If you take a look at the price of DJI products, the argument can be made that they look expensive.

As an example, the Phantom 4 Pro with the RC screen costs $1800 and Inspire 2 with an X5S camera costs almost $6000. Not cheap, right?! But now consider that these products have a 3D TOF sensor, Obstacle Avoidance super-bright screen and a 1 inch camera with mechanical shutter.  Simply put, there is no other drone on a market with these kind of specs. The same holds true with the DJI Inspire 2 (X5S). What other drone has a micro 4/3 camera with interchangeable lenses and a 5.2K RAW video capabilities?

Phantom 4 Pro

Photo by Alex Assenmacher

The bottom line is that there are no other drones available for sale that can compete with it. DJI knowing this can control the price and set it as high as they want. That is why the prices on these drones are not cheap yet still are within an acceptable range. There are no people in the UAV community saying that DJI drones are overpriced. The value is well worth the price.

Overpriced Drones

Consider the current drone market and you can see new drones released every day. Here are three drone models that’s are overpriced:

Yuneec Typhoon H

Typhoon h

Photo by Derrick Threatt

Yes, now the price on this drone with all features are much lower. But let’s go back to the middle of 2016. The basic kit of the Yuneec Typhoon H cost $1299 which is actually $100 cheaper than its competitor DJI’s Phantom 4. However, if you added the Real sense Obstacle Avoidance and Follow Me mode, the price increases to $1900. On the other hand, the Phantom 4 had all of these features straight out of the box for only $1399. So it appears Yuneec drones pricing strategy is a little unfair.  Of course, with the holiday season among us, the prices for both drones are cheaper now: $999 for Phantom 4 and $1369 for Typhoon H. 

DJI Inspire 2 X4S

We already have written an article that exposes five reasons not to buy the Inspire 2 for which the main point was that you can get pretty much the same results on the Phantom 4 Pro as on the Inspire 2 X4S. So why should we pay twice the price for the same results? For one, the Inspire 2 is faster. It also looks more professional, has a 360 gimbal as well as the ability to connect two controllers,. However, that is about it. You can create the same quality still images and videos with Phantom 4 PRO, which is actually more portable and cheaper.

Inspire 2 X4S

Hover Camera

This company drones pricing strategy is almost impossible to understand. The cost on this is $550 USD. For that you don’t get the following:

  • No GPS
  • No remote controller
  • No gimbal (digital stabilization is just awful)
  • Poor image quality
  • 8 minutes flight time
  • 10 meters (30ft) flight rangeHover Camera pricing strategy

The Hover camera manufacturer justifies this price because of how it hovers as well as its Follow Me mode and portability. Yet, the Phantom 3 Standard for a cheaper $400 can do that and so much more.  Personally, having spent this money and tested the Hover, I can say that it’s absolutely the worst value for money. If your main point to purchasing a drone is to take casual selfies and videos and you don’t need a full-size drone, just save your money and buy a Nokia 6300 and selfie stick. You can get the same results as the $550 Hover camera.

Drone industry is all about the technological advancements that can take the time for development. They are different from say a painting where a painted in black piece of canvas can be sold for millions. Companies need a strong products in order to succeed. A bunch of money from Kickstarter or investors and good marketing of an immature product doesn’t mean success at all.

Thank you for reading.

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