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Watch: Drones Replace Models at Italian Fashion Show




Human fashion models beware!

Italian luxury fashion giant Dolce and Gabbana introduced their new line of premium purses and handbags without a model in sight.

Instead, they used a procession of drones each with a different showpiece item hanging from the bottom of each craft.

The colorfully lit vehicles took a controlled hover down the catwalk buzzing and moving in sync to Kendrick Lamar’s track “All the Stars.”

Event organizers requested that every person in attendance turn off their phone’s Wi-Fi or personal hotspots off, to make sure the drones were operating properly.  Given that the room was jampacked with fashion bloggers and influencers busting to share on social media, this was no simple task.

This was not the first time drones had made their way in the fashion world. Back in 2015, Silicone Valley’s Fashion Week featured drones draping clothing and also parading them down a catwalk.

While drones do not quite have the sex or emotional appeal of human models – they are a lot cheaper.

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