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Drones help curb elephant poaching in Africa!




Drones have been used to ward off elephants from destroying crops because of their bee-like buzzing noise, but they’re also being used to help the same animals from being hunted for their ivory in Africa. Since off-the-shelf UAVs can easily give pilots an aerial perspective, non-profit Mara Elephant Project (MEP) in Kenya started using drones to fight elephant poaching as far back as 2012. To get an insight on how drones have helped curb elephant poaching in Africa, watch this video of Fox Business interviewing a drone shop owner who donated UAVs to MEP:

How have drones helped curb elephant poaching?

Drones are just one tool used by MEP, but they have been a huge contributing factor in capturing poachers. Tracking elephant movements are also easier thanks to drones, and the intelligence they have gathered have provided local authorities with evidence to make arrests. Since elephants are repelled by the buzzing noise of drones, they are also first deployed by rangers to ward elephants away from unwanted areas.

Screenshot from MEP’s video.

Expert Drone owner Brett Velicovich donated consumer drones like a DJI Mavic Pro and even military-grade UAVs equipped with the same type of technology that helped capture terrorist leaders from organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Photo credit: MEP.

I felt it important to donate to MEP because MEP is at the forefront of anti-poaching initiatives that are near to my heart. It’s important that groups like them receive both the money and equipment to fight the illicit wildlife trade industry. It’s getting out of hand and we need to do something about it,” said Velicovich.

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