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academy of art drone class

Each student will receive his or her own personal drone at the beginning of the course and will learn how to fly it in a controlled environment.Eventually they will progress to larger drones manufactured by DJI. Upon obtaining proficiency with these larger, professional-grade drones, students will be proficient in the flight and use of drones for videography and cinematography – a proficiency that will prepare them well for federal licensure.

Weilin “Willie” Liu (MA 2016, Communications & Media Technologies) said: “As a student in the first semester of this class, I appreciated it, and I’m glad I registered for it…Before this, I had no chance to learn or even to touch a drone, although I had heard about them many times. In the class, our instructor [Patrick Egan] taught us the most accurate way to fly the aircraft and, more important, the rules of flying drones—both the law and the ethics.”

The instructor Patrick Egan is the head Americas Desk at sUAS News.Egan has an extensive military and civilian background with drone technology that equips him to be among the foremost instructors in the field. He will use this expertise to guide students on their paths to careers as drone pilots for videography and cinematography.

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