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academy of art drone class

The Academy of Art is excited to offer classes in the piloting and business of drone cinematography and videography.Drones represent one of the greatest paradigm shifts for both casual and professional photography and videography that students who are proficient in the art of unmanned aerial systems will have a leg up over students who do not have such a skill set.

All students will first learn how to tackle aerial photography and videography using a drone, learning the techniques used by industry professionals and the best practices that create dynamic, breathtaking shots.

academy of art drone class

Drones represent the evolution of the helicopter shot and the expensive aerial footage of the past. No longer do media firms need to employ large, expensive pieces of aerial equipment for a shot; further, they no longer need put pilots and journalists in harm’s way. Instead, both large and small firms can deploy cost-efficient drones for similar effect, saving on expense and promoting a safer way or obtaining the same shot.

Students at the Academy of Art will focus on the art of storytelling through imagery with drones. Their unmanned aerial systems training will focus on using drones for amazing, one-of-a-kind shots in addition to learning the methods used by the best in the industry.

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