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Drone photography is changing the way real estate is sold




real estate drone photography

With drones becoming more mainstream; just want kind of pictures and video are real estate agents offering in their listings?

  • Great way to showcase larger homes, provides perspective
  • Display the entire property including yards, land and acreage
  • Video moves around the home, offering details on architecture and landscaping
  • Positions the home in its surroundings. Does it sit on a bluff overlooking the lake? Is there a park or trail nearby? How far to the community clubhouse or golf course? If part of the appeal is location, drone video/pictures really allow the viewer to feel the location.
  • Pair with a script to narrate the drone tour to engage potential buyers and call attention to special features.

real estate drone photography

The real estate industry has embraced drone photography/video whole heartedly, but there are more changes to come. While most municipalities still allow drone piloting by lay-people, hiring a professional is still the best choice. Professional drone operators understand how to get the best shot without infringing on the privacy of the neighborhood members. Careful attention to air traffic rules must also be observed. But all-in-all, drones are changing the way we market online homes for sale.

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