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Drone photography is changing the way real estate is sold




real estate drone photography

If you are planning to list your home for sale, you probably already know that you need to prepare your home for the market. This is called staging! The point is to create the most attractive, welcoming version of your home to entice buyers into the home and encourage offers. Your listing needs staging also! Professional photography has traditionally been the best way to attract those buyers. Today’s buyers also expect to find real estate drone photography/video and drones are changing the way listings are presented to the marketplace.

Most buyers now start their home search online. Over 90% in 2015 used resources on the Internet to research properties that meet their needs. The online listing is your first opportunity to showcase your home to potential buyers. With drones, you now have the ability to show potential buyers aspects of your home and neighborhood that was once reserved only for the very high-end market. Aerial photography no longer requires an expensive aircraft, for under $200 a decent drone can be purchased and used with very little instruction.

real estate drone photography

Studies show that using professional photography is instrumental in selling the home as quickly as possible and for the highest sales price. Drones have added an additional value to online listings. Online listings with drone photography or video receive significantly more views than those without. Buyers tend to linger on the site longer as well. Video options and drone shots increase attention and in doing so, the potential buyer has the opportunity to see aspects of the home never seen before.

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