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Drones are being used to ward off elephants because they sound like bees!






In a Atlantic article, researchers from Duke University also noticed that elephants became agitated when population monitoring drones flew “25 feet to 300 feet” above them; some elephants ran away, and even one elephant hurled mud towards a drone.


Nature and drones

Newer drones like the DJI Mavic Air and Mavic Pro Platinum are designed to operate quieter with their improved ESCs, but there may actually be a market for noisy drones. If drones can be equipped to emit different bee-like frequencies, then they could be used to keep elephants from becoming habituated to specific noises.


The discovery of drones scaring off elephants can also be seen as a reason to strictly enforce drone laws in national parks. The effects of drones flying by animal populations need to be further researched since animals, like the elephants, can easily be affected by a drone’s buzzing noise.


There is an ongoing debate over drone noise and privacy issues in cities, but those same problems are the key answer to controlling and monitoring elephants out in Africa. With the discovery of drone use to control elephants from destroying crops and hurting people, drone technology has once again proven to be useful in an unconventional manner.

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