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Drones for good: UAVs and 3D printers may be the future of road repairs




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How would such a system work?

As we know, present-day roadworks can be very disruptive and often cause delays and public consternation. If the drones and 3D system were to be implemented as intended, the emphasis in future would be on preventative maintenance, rather than waiting to repair damage once it starts to cause problems.

Preventative road maintenance would involve survey vehicles continuously checking the quality of the road either from the road or air using special cameras. If cracks were detected, GPS would guide the repair drones to the problem area. Next, the 3D printer’s mounted asphalt extruder lines up above the crack and releases the exact amount of material needed to repair the damage, resulting in less wastage. Advantages of such a system, when compared to that status quo include lower cost, greater efficiency and quieter repairs. To date, the Leed’s team have tested their drones successfully while repairing damage at their campus’ carpark.

Drones and 3D printers may herald a pothole-free future

The UK is not the only country investigating the efficacy of road repair drones.

But won’t this replace yet more jobs?

In short – yes. As time goes on, more manual jobs in the agricultural, construction, energy and other sectors are likely to be replaced by drones. This replacement isn’t likely to happen any time soon and there will, of course, be types of repairs required (such as following a natural disaster) that are of a scale that will make dispatching automated drones ineffective when compared to humans.

Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to hearing more about this project as it continues to develop.

To check out a video of the drone in action see below:

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